MX Helmets, modular, full and more.
Winter Jackets, summer jackets and more.
Helmet headsets, phone holders and more.

Using the vast amount of knowledge accumulated through the years, Laret’s product variety expanded, while making no compromises on material quality and on safety.

Today, Laret holds the motorcycle gear most suitable for the Israeli rider. Our slogan “Laret- be sure you are safe” is not only words, it is the essence of Laret’s philosophy: safe, comfortable, durable and designed apparel, at affordable prices. Today, Laret’s gear includes jackets, gloves, raingear, knee guards and additional Laret clothing products.

In addition, Laret is the only Israeli distributor of the leading Spanish helmets brand LS2, of Coocase topcases, of SENA bluetooth and of SXP locks.